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Scott Furr 


Ron Latorre 


S2 Resilience Group, LLC is a veteran owned company that specializes in Resilience.   With over 50+ years combined military service, we bring our experience and leadership in Crisis Management (CM), Business Continuity (BC) and Resilience.  We provide expertise in planning, training and operations, enabling your organization the Ability To Survive and Operate (ATSO) in some of today’s most challenging environments.  Our history planning for and responding to National Level catastrophic events enables us to quickly and effectively evaluate your business environment, identify possible vulnerabilities and help design your business continuity plan.


Let us partner with you to design an enduring plan that will be forward thinking and responsive, tailored to your organization’s threat environment.  We are committed to improving your team’s ability to respond by developing group resilience to both anticipated and unanticipated crisis events. 

We will lead your team through an initial and comprehensive risk assessment and evaluate your Disaster Recovery plan from top to bottom. 

We provide an Executive Level overview of vulnerabilities while guiding your team in developing mitigation strategies to lessen your organization’s exposure and improve its ability to survive and operate in an uncertain environment.