Ron Latorre

Managing Partner

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Ron Latorre is a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, commercial airline pilot, and co-founding partner of S2 Resilience Group, LLC. Prior to co-founding S2 Resilience Group, he was an Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer assigned to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) National Response Coordination Center in Washington DC. In this position, he facilitated Air Force responses and conducted inter-agency coordination for planned and unplanned crisis events at the national level. Notable events he supported include: the 2016 Presidential Inauguration, major Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Harvey, and Hurricane Maria. Before serving as a Liaison to FEMA, he was the Chief of the Domestic Operations division at the Air National Guard Readiness Center (ANGRC). In this role, his portfolio included planning, exercising, and employing the ANGRC’s Continuity of Operations (COOP) program. The COOP program provided uninterrupted operation of the ANGRC’s Mission Essential Functions, which impacted over 100,000 Air National Guard (ANG) personnel. He supervised the centre’s Crisis Action Team, which was responsible for facilitating critical time-sensitive ANG responses during notable events. These events included Superstorm Sandy, Colorado floods, California Rim Fires, Washington State mudslides, Civil Unrest in Ferguson, MO, and the Ebola outbreak of 2014.  


Upon retiring from the Air Force, Ron decided to take his decades of operational experience in military principals and leadership to the civilian sector by co-founding S2 Resilience Group, where he is a Managing Partner.

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