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M. Scott Furr is a co-founding partner of S2 Resilience Group, LLC. Scott is currently a commercial airline pilot and retired US Air Force Colonel. In response to the novel Coronavirus pandemic, S2 Resilience Group directed the initial stand-up, refinement of operations, and, after 30 straight days of operations, the handoff of the Town of Southbury’s Emergency Operation Center to a newly appointed town Emergency Management Director. In 2018, as a volunteer Deputy Emergency Management Director for the Town of Southbury, he led the response to a tornado event that caused a town-wide power loss in addition to significant damage to town transportation infrastructure. He oversaw interagency coordination efforts which restored the town operational capacity in less than anticipated time. Prior to retiring from the US Air Force, Scott was the Operational Aviation Energy Advisor to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Operational Energy. In this capacity, he led a team developing, testing, and implementing the Line Oriented Efficiency Analysis as well as authored two reports published by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Operational Energy. This program is considered a great success and continues to conduct analysis on Air Force aircraft. Prior to becoming the Operational Aviation Energy Advisor, Scott was the Chief of Current Operations for the National Guard Bureau where he was responsible for the daily reporting and tracking of over 500,000 National Guard members worldwide. In this capacity, he directed the team which provided National Guard inputs to the Joint Chief of Staff Continuity of Operations office. He was the focal point of National Guard coordination with FEMA for twenty-nine Wildfires, twenty-five winter storms, eighteen floods, two hurricanes and three tornadoes. In addition, he served as a senior mentor to the IL National Guard leadership during a four-day Central United States Earthquake Consortium exercise. Before serving as the Chief of Current Operations, he was the Director of the Air National Guard Crisis Action Team. In this role, he oversaw the complete rewrite, re-design, and successful implementation of the Continuity of Operations plan for the Air National Guard. This plan was successfully executed during the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. He also was responsible for the direction of the Crisis Action Team during relief efforts of Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy. Prior to this role, Scott was a Department of Defense liaison to the FEMA National Headquarters during response efforts to Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike, coordinating small airlift and imaging requests. During Hurricane Katrina response, he served as a US Air Force liaison in Joint Task Forward-Katrina, supporting Lt Gen Honore’s relief efforts to support the City of New Orleans.

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